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What makes the DMN so special? With your subscription you get access to our Discord & Telegram Channel. What you will find there are internal company meetings on how to proceed, as well as various contests in which you as a DMN member can decide and win various gifts.

The topics of the Discord & Telegram Channels are decided by the members. To do this, we send a clickable e-mail to all active members (including paused members who are no more than 3 months old) with requests for incentives. If you have a topic on your mind, you are welcome to address it & we will include it in our Toppic grid. Our members then choose 5 topics from all the suggestions given.

Topics are suggested and discussed daily on these channels. That sounds a bit tedious in theory, but in practice it's super fun &, according to our reviews, puts a smile on most people's faces every day.

There is also a private photo contest every month (between members only). The winner is always evaluated at the end of the month and then gets one month free. So if you are creative, you can secure the subscription model free of charge.

The current topics of the world are also broadcast with a bit of humor as a daily note. Usually in the form of a meme. These current topics come partly from the founders & partly from you, i.e. the DMN members & serve as a "Fak the System" note on the side.


Our Meet Ups:

A meet-up financed by us is now to take place once a year. We rent a location for this and cordially invite you all. Since we have customers from all over Germany, we agree on a location in good time (3 months in advance). Democracy decides here. The majority wins.

For this we take our customer list & put the places on a platform to vote. From here you decide.

At this Meet Up we eat, drink and of course one or the other event takes place. Let yourself be surprised!

These meet ups will have up to 500 seats, live music and of course interesting "topics". Nobody goes empty-handed!

We look forward to you!

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