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Men's boxer shorts in large quantities - boxer shorts on subscription to DMN

Boxer shorts for men

soon in your mailbox. You can find out why our men's underwear is so practical in this article:

Here in this short blog entry we now clarify some questions about the flexibility of the DMN boxer shorts subscription.
How flexible is the DMN boxer shorts subscription? As flexible as it gets, because you have the option to pause your subscription every month. You will not incur any costs during this time.
How can you pause your subscription?
Go to our website and press manage my subscription. There you can manage your subscription via our Recharge Partner.
When do I have to pause my subscription?
If you pause your subscription by the 27th of the month, you will not be charged for the following month in the following days.
What happens if I pause my subscription too late?
If you only pause your subscription on the 1st of the month, our partner from Recharge, who takes care of the billing of our subscription system, will have already debited your contribution for the following month. Therefore, your account will only be released from the subscription for the following month. You will still receive your underpants for the month you have paid for.
How does the reactivation process work?
If you want to reactivate your account, you can reactivate your subscription on our website under Manage My Account & Subscription. If your break has lasted longer than 2 months, we are legally obliged to ask for your billing data again. Therefore you have to deposit an account or bank card here again. As soon as the first payment is verified, your subscription will start again as usual.
What if I have affiliate partners and pause my subscription during that time?
This is not a problem. If you are not interested in underpants yourself, but are always entitled to your option A, free underpants or option B, pay out your profits, then we recommend option B. This will save you a credit on us Cash out €10. The payout happens right away as soon as you speak to them. You can also calculate it yourself.
Please note the tax conditions in your country.
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