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Men's boxer shorts - What type of boxer shorts are you?

The most comfortable men's boxer shorts - what do you have to look out for?

When it comes to men's underpants, the crowd splits into different options. The reason for this is that not everyone can wear the same pair of underpants, because depending on how long and how thick your legs are, they can be uncomfortable to wear. In this article we go into the different types of men's underpants and name their advantages and disadvantages.

Boxer shorts for long legs:

In most cases you are well served with long boxer shorts, also known as long trunks. Many countries have different views on what counts as long boxer shorts. Let's take Germany & Brazil as an example. While we Germans try to lose some of our thighs in underpants, the Brazilians are of the opinion that you should still be able to see your upper muscles, like with a thong. Why do you ask? destined for you This is because when the weather is nice, Brazilians like to tan the upper parts of their lower body.

As we all know, the weather here in Allemanja is rather dreary & apart from a few sunny weeks in the summer, which has been postponed further and further, there is rather gloomy, gray rain or windy clouds. ( A bit exaggerated, but you know what I mean. ) But if you absolutely want to do it like the Brazilians, then you have the opportunity to wear men's panties in Germany too. We conducted a survey in the existing customer segment of Season 1 & 10% of those asked had a thong on, at least for fun.

As a contrast, there are the long trunks for men . These are mostly worn by men who have large & wide legs. This type of boxer shorts also makes good sense in winter, because the colder it is, the happier you are when you have more of your leg covered with another layer. However, this only works if you have also paid attention to a cotton content of 95% when selecting the material and do not use polyester.

The slip boxers are worn more and more often in Eastern Europe. We assume that it also has to do with the climate. After all, most people who have observed visitors to the beach on the Mediterranean Sea or Ukraine on the Black Sea will certainly know this. Slip boxers are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. A look at the search ads of the Germans on Google & Bing is enough. The trend is currently 34% more compared to the year before. As soon as we, the DMN, have found a solution for squeezing our favorite balls, we will also include these slip boxers in the DMN range. Would you like it?

Like socks, funny boxer shorts for men are often bought in a double pack. Various suppliers on the German market already offer several "funny boxer shorts". Funny if you understand the patterns. Here we ask ourselves: What does funny actually mean? Do you really want your boxers to look funny? Imagine the situation: I'm meeting you with your new partner (GG 2022), & when you took off your panties were so noticeable that the partner got a flash of laughter. Is that really what you were after then?

Men's cotton boxer shorts - our favorite. Because with the chilled boxer shorts, which are neither too long nor too short, you are perfectly prepared. There is a problem here, however. It doesn't matter where you look on the internet and order boxer shorts, the sizes never add up! It is therefore important that you make sure that there is a measurement chart when choosing the online shop. Make sure that the waist circumference and the circumference of your thighs are correct under your size. It's definitely worth grabbing the €1 measuring tape.

Many make the mistake & always choose the wrong material when choosing the right note. Because not only the pattern or the design of your underpants should be included in the purchase decision. The materials used are much more meaningful for the wearing comfort.

You can find size charts for boxer shorts on every product page under size recommendation.

Thank you for your attention & have a great October,
wishes Valerian Opachenko,

#The new one at DMN. Forgive my grammar. :)

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