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Boxer shorts with a photo - how to choose the right boxer shorts?

Boxer shorts with photo

According to Google Analytics, this is how some of our new customers find us. There's a good reason for that. Because our boxer shorts are much more than just boxer shorts with photos. In this blog post we would like to go into what you should pay attention to when choosing boxer shorts.

1. What are boxer shorts good for?

Boxer shorts are the classic underpants for men. They have a wide cut, are comfortable and breathable. Many men appreciate the support that boxers give them and the sense of freedom and freedom of movement they offer compared to other underpants like briefs.
But boxer shorts aren't just for men. Women can also wear boxer shorts and benefit from the many advantages.

2. What quality features should boxer shorts have?

Boxer shorts are a popular underwear option for both men and women. They are comfortable and breathable and offer a lot of freedom of movement. But what exactly makes a good pair of boxer shorts? In this article, we're going to look at the different quality characteristics of boxer shorts and what makes them a good underwear option.

Our boxer shorts are made of 95% cotton & 5% elastane. There is a good reason for this, because elastane has many advantages. Thanks to its stretchy and flexible properties, stretch fabric is made from a small percentage of elastane fibers (3-7%). The first elastane fibers, also known as elastane, came onto the American market in 1959 as "Fibre K".

Not only is it extremely stretchy, elastane is also very durable. You can stretch the fiber by around 500% to 700% and like rubber it returns to its original shape after stretching - impressive, isn't it?

Elastane is a fantastic fiber - tear-resistant, shape-retaining, wrinkle-resistant, and never needs ironing. The material is also light, fine, soft and dyes well. In addition, it remains perfectly smooth; it has anti-pilling properties and does not form pills or fluff.

Last but not least, the low moisture absorption is another positive feature. The material dries quickly, is easy to care for and never looks soaking wet.

3. Where can you buy boxer shorts?

The usual way to get a new pair of underpants is to go to the city center & the shops. Stupidly, you can't try on underpants in advance, for the good of all of us...

Then why go to the shop at all, lock your cart in the parking garage or lock your bike in the city center, meet thousands of people, queue at the cash register & lose at least half an hour, assuming you don't live far and know what you want.

You can't wear them on the same day anyway, because the underpants have to see a washing machine from the inside before they can be worn.

That's why we at DMN recommend making your choice of boxer shorts completely different. Use our boxer shorts subscription and let yourself be surprised every month. Quite simply, via mailbox.

4. How much does a subscription to boxer shorts cost?

Our boxer shorts subscription currently costs €12.99. We used to have two different packages that are no longer profitable at the moment. Every month we send out a random package from our boxer shorts range. Every other month, a unique piece is made that will never come onto the market again. That means: With the boxer shorts subscription for €12.99 you get good & high-quality boxer shorts with a random design.

5. What are the advantages of a subscription to boxer shorts?

With the boxer shorts subscription, you save the trip to the shop, have a new surprise every month and always have one more boxer short at home. Let's be honest, how often do you get panties otherwise? How many of them are already several years old?

6. Conclusion

Boxer shorts are a very important piece of clothing for every person and should therefore be chosen with care.

Wouldn't you like to do without the quality of your boxer shorts in the future and save yourself the hassle of shopping? Then subscribe to DMN now and discover the advantages of our boxer shorts subscription.

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