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boxer shorts

Welcome to another blog post from the DMN Community. Today you are reading a blog post by Konstantin I, the managing director of the DMN Group.

Today's topic is dedicated exclusively to the selection and quality of your next boxer shorts. Before I get into the 5 reasons you will always keep in mind when choosing boxer shorts in the future, I would like to tell you a fun fact that you don't always have to keep in mind.

Did you know that you keep your boxer shorts on for 480 hours a month? That means: your bottom, as well as your genitals, are covered for 2/3 of your lifetime & always in contact with the sewn material of your underpants.

You're probably wondering, how did he come up with this incredible number? In the thesis above, we assumed that you spend your bedtime without boxer shorts because of your super bed linen.
You don't sleep naked, do you? Then the number mentioned above increases to an unbeatable 780 hours per month. Is not that crazy?

Now put yourself in your body's shoes: you go into town & buy a pack of underpants from some store. These underpants appealed to you because the price is so cheap. But if you take a closer look at the label on the back, you'll see that most of the material is synthetic. For example, many underpants are made of polyester. (You get fluff in your intimate area after a few washes). Sometimes super annoying.

I don't want to say that synthetics are a bad choice, after all, the DMN boxer shorts are also made of 5% elastane. The elastane fiber (or also called spandex) is an ideal mixed textile, which harmonises perfectly with cotton. The lowest proportion of elastane, for example, also makes jeans more comfortable, stretchy and significantly better to wear.

Unfortunately, due to today's events, the mix of elastane & cotton is difficult to get / import, so the price of your boxer shorts also goes up a bit. Whereby: What are 12€ for pleasant & lint-free wearing comfort?

Boxer shorts for fitness type

I would also like to commend the advantage of elastane in the cotton blend for preventing your boxer shorts from riding up or down, even during the most vigorous movements, such as karate or cycling. Let's be honest: How often in your life as a man did you have to put your right or left hand in your trouser pocket, make a circular motion with your index fingers & thus unobtrusively pull your underpants back to where they belong on your thighs.

Boxer shorts with a hole - with beautiful women

As a next reason, I would like to ask you to ask yourself the question, "Where am I during the month?" Is it the office, the gym, jogging outdoors, kung fu or maybe the LonelyFans? No matter where you are, there's always that one moment in midsummer when the sweating never stops. Unpleasant odors and a damp feeling in the crotch are noticeable, even in German weather between June and September.

We have also asked ourselves this question & have come to an insight . How about sewing boxer shorts from two different layers together? Once the outer shape with color & once the inner layer, which is suitable for protecting the intimate area.

What initially sounds like a counterproductive & warm method is in practice an individual solution for both summer and winter. The inner as well as the outer layer consist of a, let's call it "holey" cotton layer, which despite the perfect fit, is breathable and nevertheless offers your intimate area high-quality protection and wearing comfort.

The bottom line for you is : In summer, the breathable layers ensure better ventilation. The better ventilation automatically ensures fewer bacteria & the fewer bacteria, the more pleasant the smell in the intimate area. In winter, on the other hand, compared to most textile boxer shorts, you have a second protective layer that keeps you warm and strong even in the coldest months.

After these decisive reasons, we would of course also like to address your own EGO and strength of character. Everyone wants to be something that others are not. Everyone wants something that others don't have. With the DMN boxer shorts you are definitely one step closer to your goal. It doesn't matter whether you want a striking band that keeps appearing or you want to address the masses with the complete print. It will always be an eye catcher that people will not miss.

We want to address exactly this target group of people who want to do something out of the monotonous style nowadays to stand out even more. To be honest, what do you think of the combination of eye-catching color & ingenious topic pattern?

With these closing words, I would like to encourage you to think again carefully about the extent to which breathable boxer shorts will affect your life in the future. Do something good for your body. Wear the DM & don't feel limited in what you do.

Boxer shorts to feel free

PS: Show strength of character & wear the DMN boxer shorts with pride. See you at the next DMN event!

This blog post is by Constantine I,
the managing director of the DMN Group.

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